When Is the Best Season to Travel in Kenya?

People typically ask us about the best season to come to Kenya, so we chose to assemble this overview of help you plan your very own safari. here are advantages and disadvantages for each season, so it mostly depends upon what you wish to see and how you choose to take a trip.

The high season in Kenya is the dry season which ranges from July to September. The yards are low so you can improve animal sightings and you can access more locations when it is not drizzling.

Great Wildebeest Migration

The most significant event at this time of the year is the Great Wildebeest Migration when huge herds cross the river from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya around July. This is Kenya’s most popular tourist attraction and, as it easily accompanies summertime vacations in North America and Europe, it is the busiest season. This leads to greater lodging costs and obviously many more travelers.

Low Season

Alternatively, the low season is also the damp season, beginning in March and completing around June. The primary needs to go to at this time of year is the factors you would not wish to enter high season – lower costs and less people. Throughout this period, you may even find a lodge safari at the very same rate as a high season outdoor camping safari. Nevertheless, the rains mean the lawn grows rapidly and heavily making animals more difficult to identify.

Shoulder Season

That leaves the shoulder season in between October and December. This is a good period to go to as the wildebeest herds are still in the Maasai Mara, although they begin to leave in November or December. Some lodges drop their rates rather in between the high season and Christmas.

Brief Rains

Nevertheless, this season is also specified by the “brief rains” (it rains for a brief period of the day, rather than the long rains in March to June where it rains for an extended period of the day) and if you wind up remaining at lodging that keeps a high rate right through to Christmas then bearing with a little rain might not deserve it.

Lastly the Christmas period from December to February is marked by hot and dry weather condition and a high concentration of wildlife in the significant parks. The best function of this season is the migratory birds getting here in Kenya in their millions. On the other hand, the mass migratory herds have actually normally returned to Tanzania by this time. Christmas and New Year supplements are typically charged on lodging.

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