Adventure Travel to Kenya – Discover Kenya’s Best Kept Secrets

How would like experience travel to Kenya, to learn a few of Kenya’s best concealed? How about checking out Hemingway’s, a luxury hotel on the Indian Ocean, or investing a long time in the very same area that Elsa was launched into the wild by Joy Adamson? You can enjoy these, and more, with luxury experience travel to Kenya, land of the Luo, Kalenjin, Turkana and the popular Maasai warrior race, as the name is correctly spelled although we will use the more popular western spelling of Masai.


The capital is Nairobi, which would be a great place to start. There are many kinds of hotel in Nairobi, but if you can, aim to book into among the couple of shop hotels that accommodate just a few visitors, twelve being a great number. For that you will need to book yourself a luxury experience holiday, with personal service offering trip preparation from just yourself and your partner.

That is a much better way to enjoy Kenya’s tricks, instead of traveling in a big group of 40 or more as the majority of people do. If you can find a trip company that uses this level of personal service, then your holiday can be customized to match your very own schedule and needs, and not those of the bulk, or perhaps in many cases the minority!

Nairobi has a lot deal someone looking for experience travel to Kenya, and you do not need to take a trip to unidentified locations to find a few of Kenya’s best concealed. Take Karen Blixen’s house, for instance, the author of ‘Out of Africa’, made into an Oscar winning movie, or the Carnivore dining establishment, where you can dine on some unique game.


Nevertheless, it is the game reserves that the majority of people go to Kenya to see, which experience tourists to Kenya are especially thinking about, so take an airplane flight over the Meru National Park and land near Elsa’s Kopje – a rocky outcrop on Mughwangi Hill in the Meru Park, where Elsa was launched by Joy and George Adamson back in 1958.


Photo from Edge Magazine

Malinda is another part of Kenya you should not miss out on: positioned on the Indian Ocean Malinda provides Hemingway’s a luxury hotel that provides the best personal service. Use it as a base for a journey to Lamu Island, which used to be a base for the servant trade, and on which the only means of travel aside from foot is by donkey. Try a dip in the ocean or merely unwind by the pool, pondering what you have actually seen.`

The kind of luxury you can experience on these journeys is incredibly high, and experience travel to Kenya is not all safaris and living rough. You can also do it in style, but make sure that your cost is complete since the additionals for the flights and safari journeys can be high.

An excellent luxury holiday company will provide you all-encompassing offers that will exercise less expensive in the long run than attempting to keep your preliminary expenses low and pay your very own way. You will either wind up paying more, or losing out on a lot, which would be a pity after traveling up until now.

Accomplish all that, and there are no reasons that your luxury experience travel to Kenya ought to not supply you with the getaway of your dreams, the memories which will last you a life time.

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