Kenya Holidays – Beyond Wildlife and Safaris!

Kenya is more than just animals and jungle safaris. There are beaches, mountains, lakes, museums and what not! People and groups spending for air tickets and wanting a vacation with more than just game viewing are definitely well served.

Kenya is not a bad place to be in, in case it is the uncommon that is looked for. With its nonstop parade of fantastic sightseeing and other beauties, the nation needs to be East Africa’s most popular vacation location. There is particular big area of people who think Kenya vacations are basically only about wildlife and jungle safaris. Absolutely nothing might be further from the reality.

Nairobi National Museum

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For some, a see to museum can be a dull affair but not if the museum in question is the Nairobi National Museum! It is the place to discover Kenya’s history and culture, a possibility that’s sure to entice even the most happy-go-lucky visitors drawing in tickets on Kenya flights.

It is a substantial place and has different areas and departments, covering different fields like history, nature, culture and modern art. The Mahatma Gandhi Hall, the Aga Khan and the Churchill Gallery are amongst the most popular tourist attractions at the location. The building also holds an auditorium that’s used to host different occasions and functions in worry about the museum.

Even More, Nairobi Snake Park is a popular function of the museum and is most likely to fascinate reptile enthusiasts who board flights to the nation.

Lamu Island

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This one is in fact best up there with wildlife safaris when it concerns appeal of Kenyan tourist attractions. A part of the nation’s Lamu Archipelago, Lamu Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has actually handled to store its centuries-old appeal and character in spite of being such a popular haunt amongst vacationer promoting tickets on flights landing in Kenya.

The Lamu Old Town is possibly the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, something that intrigues the culture vultures who book seats on flights with a function to check out Kenyan heritage.

Lake Nakuru

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Travelers should not lose out on the beauty of Lake Nakuru, a shallow lake in main Kenya. For bird enthusiasts, a check out to the lake practically looks like a money piñata waiting to be walloped open! Thanks to its wealth of algae, Lake Nakuru brings in an ocean of flamingos, and deals with the travelers while doing so. It sure is a sight to see the brilliant colours and the appeal of the elegant bird that envelopes the waters of the lake.


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Travelers boarding flights from the United States would be the ones most thinking about this one! Up until Barrack Obama ended up being the US President, Kogelo was just another basic Kenyan town, today the place has actually progressed into the stratosphere of appeal.

Kogelo was where the President Obama’s Kenyan dad, the late Barrack Obama senior was born. Stacks of worldwide travelers are now crazy about checking out the place after stealing air tickets to Kenya.


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Beach fans discovering themselves a seat on Kenya bound flights would definitely be indulging their choice to book air tickets once they familiarize of Malindi! Malindi might extremely well be the intro to the seaside lure of Kenya. Stunning reef and mesmeric beaches make up the grand tourist attractions of the place.

Travelers can delight in browsing, snorkelling and other different water-based pursuits. Malindi has a domestic airport that gets flights from essential airports of the nation.

Kenya has always been known for safaris, but if one looks deeper, there is actually a substantial number of attractions that make the country so beautiful.

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