Top Embarrassing Events for Adults

Adults are not immune from the cringe-worthy moments that teenagers constantly complain about. There are some things in life that shouldn’t happen to any decent human being. More than ruining your day, some of these events can completely ruin your reputation.


These are the top five most embarrassing moments any adult can experience.


  1. 1.      Freezing Up in the Middle of a Presentation


Public speaking is a regular part of corporate life. You might be pitching to your team or to some international investors. Preparing a presentation and putting on your best suit can make you feel confident and ready. Yet when it comes to crunch time you just freeze up.


Your voice gets caught in your throat and you have to be ushered from the room as you turn bright red and start to sweat. Good luck getting that promotion!


  1. 2.      Finding Out You Have Head Lice


Head lice are something that only kids get, right?


Wrong! Adults are just as susceptible to head lice as children. They’re not harmful but they’re embarrassing. Taking a day off work because you need to throw some lice removal shampoo over your head is nothing short of humiliating. Or if you want even faster and better results, then look into find a local in home lice removal service in Las Vegas.


And the worst thing is since nobody is checking your hair it was the hairdresser who told you.


  1. 3.      Your Kid Shows Out in Public


This can happen to anyone of any age. You’re going about your business and your kid has a smart mouth. Since you can’t slap your kid without someone complaining about it, you’re usually left arguing with your kid as the general public watches on.


And they’re not thinking about the kid and how bad they are. They’re thinking about you and how terrible a parent you are. When you finally make it out you realize with a sigh that you can never return to that place again.


  1. 4.      Ripping Your Clothes in Public


Nobody likes to admit they’re getting older. Nobody likes to admit that they can no longer lose those extra calories through simply existing. But one sign that you need to make your triumphant return to the gym after fifteen years is when you sit down and hear a big ripping sound.


Before you know it you have a huge rip in your pants and the office cafeteria is snickering with delight. It’s like high school all over again.


  1. 5.      Getting to the Front of the Line and Your Card Won’t Go Through


Many of us have become used to not withdrawing money from the ATM and surviving with our credit cards. We don’t think it could happen to us but there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting to the front of a line and your card being rejected. It doesn’t matter if you forgot to load your card or you haven’t paid your bills. The outcome is the same.


Try watching this happen in a busy grocery store. Feel the judgmental stares burning into your back as you sheepishly slip away without your goods.




Embarrassing events can happen to anybody, so don’t let them hit you too hard. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?