Moving Cross Country With A Moving Company

Professional moving companies are required to have a resolution process in place to assist with damage claims. The company’s liability goes only as far as the amount of insurance that you purchase. Prior to signing a contract, inquire about the company’s resolution policy and the types of insurance they offer. If insurance is not offered, it is ideal to hire a different company.

Take Note of the Damaged Items

Take a full inventory of your items prior to the move and make note the condition of valuables. It is better to take video of the interior of your home to show the condition of items as visual proof. Still photos are best for items of higher values.

Thoroughly inspect the items as the movers unload the truck. If any items have been damaged, mention it immediately to the crew leader or call the company’s management person immediately. Take photos of the damage for visual proof.

File a Complaint

Once the company is aware that you have a complaint for damages, paperwork will be provided. Complete this paperwork thoroughly and as quickly as possible to move the process forward. Include before and after photographs that are time-stamped with the paperwork. This provides absolute visual proof of the damage.

It is best to file the claim right away due to the statute of limitations to file a claim being set at 9 months in most areas.

Make copies of every piece of paperwork you return to the company along with copies of the photos. Keep these records together in a safe place should court proceedings be required.

Follow-Up for Complaint Resolution

When filing the paperwork and visual photo proof of damage with the moving company, ask for the length of time it will be before you have an initial response. With most moving companies, a period of 30 days is given for acknowledgement of receiving your claim. Resolution should occur no more than 120 days after the initial filing date.

If you have not heard from the moving company via phone, email or regular mail in that allotted time period, follow-up with them. Simply state your name and the date you filed the claim, explain that you have not had an update and wish to know the status of the claim.

Accidents do happen when moving from one home to another. In most cases, moving companies quickly acknowledge the mistake and take care of the damage claims swiftly. Remember to keep a calm tone when speaking to the company regarding your claim. It allows the entire process to go smoothly and helps claims get resolved faster.