How to Commit to Travel While in a Committed Relationship

How do you really choose between keeping your relationship and being a constant traveler? Well for some couples who did survive long distance relationships, they don’t really have to choose between the two. It’s a matter of how both parties are committed to each other that counts. But how do you really balance these two when it seems so impossible?

Here are what the survivors have to say.
Use every digital media you have to keep constant communication.
We are now living in an advanced world where you can instantly hear your mother’s voice when you’re two continents apart. And best of all, communication nowadays is free, easy-to-use, and fast. So there’s no excuse not to get in touch. While sailing or riding the bus, take that 30 minutes to an hour to use your smartphone and social media account to stay connected with your partner.

Always update your partner of your agenda.
One of the hardest things when a person is tied with a traveler is the constant fear of whether the other party is okay or not. And that worry is eating and burning his heart and mind out in the thought of the other person’s safety and commitment to the relationship. So update your significant other—where you are, who you are with, what is your agenda, how was your day. Again, using social media really counts. Just send a quick photo of your activity in a day is enough to lessen the other party’s worries.

Do things together even amidst time and space.
You’re in New York and he’s in Singapore. You’re eating breakfast and he’s eating his dinner. So why not do it together? Video call your partner and have a toast for that wonderful accomplishment your partner received today. It sounds so easy, because it really is. It just needs both parties’ commitment to do it.

Travel with your partner if time permits.
The biggest hurdle when both parties will be traveling is the job or business or other responsibilities. So if you have the chance to bring your partner to your trip, bring him or her. And make it a little more special. Bring your partner to the places you’ve been to.
When it comes down to it, what would you choose? To travel most of your life or a life-time relationship? If you cannot commit to both, better focus on one aspect so you won’t ruin your life and the life of your partner.