How I Stay Out of Debt

Many of my friends wonder how I stay out of debt since I travel so much, especially to foreign countries. The answer is simple yet not so simple. While most people spend money on material items and going out all the time, I save my money so I can afford to take trips. I then learn how to travel wisely so I can go to anywhere in the world but spend less.

Learning how to live off less
No matter how much money I make, I try to live off of very little. When I was younger I had to. When you have a low income, you learn how to purchase food, pay your bills and do without to survive. Once you move up in the world, you can remain living below your means. This way, you have money that can be set aside for savings or used for fabulous trips, like the ones I enjoy!

Watch what you spend
If you like to take trips, you have to be very conscious of what you are spending. Gone are the days when you eat out every night and buy every item on a whim. You have to really count your money and know what you are spending. Budgeting is key. I have many friends who don’t really buy groceries but dine out every night. This adds up quickly. I choose to spend less by purchasing groceries and cooking my meals. This allows me to have more money to add to my travel budget.

Research All Trips Thoroughly
Before I take a trip, even a weekend stay, I research all my options. I learn about the country, what I might like to do, where I should stay, etc. I find out how much money I will need for my accommodations, transportation, food and activities. Once I have an idea of how much I need, I can begin saving. If the trip seems too expensive for my taste, I consider how I might could cut items.  For example, if food costs are high, I might bring foods along or purchase items at a local market rather than dining out. I might choose to stay at a local hostel or Bed & Breakfast rather than fancy hotel to save on my accommodations.

You can travel the world like myself by simply making changes to your lifestyle. Start small, saving for trips in your local area, then working your way up to farther, more expensive trips that provide you with an insight into an entirely different world!