Finding The Cheapest Flights

When you travel frequently like I do, saving on any and everything is key. You need to be able to save money wherever you can. I travel abroad quite often, so I need to be able to save on my biggest expenses. Besides my accommodations, flights can be the biggest expense. When you do not live by a major airport, you may have to travel a few hours by car and then catch your flight. It is important to get your flight at the cheapest rate possible so you can enjoy your trip rather than having to scrimp and save while trying to get to know a new country.

Avoid the holidays
One of the most expensive times to travel is around the holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are the worst. Avoid these times at all costs. Everyone and their mama is trying to get home so you run into high prices and may not even be able to book a flight.

Use a frequent flyer program
If you do plan on traveling often, invest in a good credit card. You want a card that offers you rewards such as frequent flyer miles. You will find that many cards exist that offer such incentives, but you want to be able to get the most for your card usage. Research your options and find a card that will help you to pay less for your trips abroad.

Keep Up with Deals
Throughout the year, major airlines will offer big deals on airfare. To not miss out, be sure to add yourself to the airlines you have access to email. By providing your email address, you will receive updates via email as to when tickets are being sold at a premium or other incentives. You can also keep track of top travel sites such as Kayak to find additional deals on flights. Learning the best deal sites will provide you with inside information to help you spend less on your flight.

Book Early
Book early!! If you can book your trip at least 21 days in advance, you will save money. Airlines tend to jack up the prices closer to the flight. Most airlines will give you a discount when you book in advance. See what kind of deal you can get by booking your trip early.

Research Flights Smartly
When you research a flight, you will find most search engines pull the same info. Yet some will offer better features. Look for search options that provide low-price filters and search tools. This way, you will find the best deal on the route you need without having to wade through the pricier options.

Be Time Flexible
Most people do not want to catch a flight at two in the morning. But what if it would save you a ton of money? Consider being more flexible with the time you will fly out as well as come in to be able to save on your trip. Because most people are not flexible, you should be able to find a flight at an odd time and be able to pay less than if you booked during what is considered a ‘normal’ time frame.

Overall, you have to research your options and take your time learning how you can save money on flights from your area. It may seem time consuming and often times frustrating, but you will be glad of the time spent once you spend less on your flight and have more money that can be used to enjoy your trip to an exotic location. Happy planning!