Apps to Help Your Business Content Creation

One of biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is the process of producing content while simultaneously running the nuts and bolts of their business. Many either don’t have the time or the resources to create the content necessary to sustain operations. Because of their ability to save time, business content creation apps have become increasingly valuable to entrepreneurs. As the quality of apps continues to improve, their value is quickly becoming indispensable. There are many types of apps out there, some more useful than others, and it can be daunting to begin looking for which one to use. This list of the five major types of content creation applications should help you get started today:


Third party publisher apps- Content marketing has become an essential component of generating revenue online. Visitors can be effectively funneled through a series of valuable content marketing campaigns. However, the issue for entrepreneurs is that truly valuable content takes time and effort to create. The subsequent process of implementing that content into the world in an effective way is yet another challenge.

Apps such as “ClearVoice” can help provide a platform from which you can organize and start ideas. You then have access to expert feedback and the ability to hire professional content creators. While you take care of business, third party publishers will be busy getting your content to potential customers.

Social Media tools – Online presence and social media have become inseparable.Thankfullyapps like “Sprout Social” help you keep track of your social media interactions while also helping you understand the metrics behind the figures. Many businesses who are trying to connect with their clients more efficiently are seeing great success with the combination of video and social media. According to a 2013 “Content Marketing Trend” research study, over 65% of marketers are claiming video and social media content to be their best strategy going forward. So when you’re finished buying all of the latest apps, it might be time to call a local Berkeley video production team.


Sales and Marketing solutions – While many entrepreneurs have a good product, few know how to make them fly off the shelves. Many who need a solution to their sales and marketing needs look to apps like “Infusionsoft”, a complete sales and marketing-automation program that provides management for customer-relationships, online marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and lead capturing techniques.

Production apps – Carrying inventory and shipping your products can cost you a great deal of capital and space. Take advantage of production apps like “Printful” to have a third-party create products on demand ranging from t shirts to coffee mugs. Furthermore, the Printful interface plugs into other online shopping solutions such as Shopify, making easier for you to set up and run your own online store.

Sales funnelA sales funnel is a way to automatically help convert website visitors into clients. For example, when you have successfully created content on a platform like “ClearVoice”, you may be able to get that content out into the world, but sales funneling apps help you determine what happens after a customer clicks on the content. Sales funneling is a highly effective way to monetize your website along with any content you have throughout the web. Programs such as “ClickFunnel” provide templates for effective and easy to use sales funnels.