Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Purple Love

Have you ever heard of Purple Love?

In The Muse, the heroine Elle is a professional nude model for a famous artist, her ex-boyfriend Michael. 

She's in Miami to work for a new artist, which happens to be her ex-boyfriend's arch-nemesis. All she wants to do is start over again and heal from her heartbreak.

Of course, me being me. . .I threw a dead body in the mix. . .well a few dead bodies.

Anyway, back to this concept of purple love. . .

Clearly, Elle has been through some things, but what color do you see love as being for you?

Maybe it's deeper than color. 

Is there a scent that makes you think of love or a song?

Maybe a simple moment like waves flowing over a sandy beach or a baby giggling?

What's something that reminds you of love?



  1. I loved this book!!! Is it a series?? & if it is I hope the next one comes out soon! :) As far as love being represented as a color, I would have to say deep ocean blue, because it's intense yet calming & eternal. I have been married to my soul mate for 16 yrs & when I think about our relationship over the yrs, that's the color that comes to mind. :) Music wise I would say Ella Fitzgerald-- Isn't it romantic & others from that era because jazz is classically romantic ;) <3

    1. Oh man. . .Ella Love! I may have to steal that! Ocean blue sounds so pretty. Water is such a soothing thing for me. I'm a water sign. Cancer! So that makes me hopeful for love! Thanks!