Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm Back! Book Updates

For those that follow me on my Instagram or Facebook

you already know that I conquered my Writer's Block and am handling this divorce very well. . . 

I've also finished a novel. . . .


Here's my initial cast for the complete, stand alone, interracial contemporary romance set in Tokyo (80k words).

When will Love in Haiku come out?

It's up to the publisher now. I will let you know the release date as soon as I know. 

What will I write next now that I'm back in my frenzy?

Book 3 of Coventon Campus!

Complete with You.

Yes, I've already started writing it!

And. . .

I did some fun book research for Complete with You (Swoon Romance publishing). That's right. I went to South Beach and partied at a Drag Queen Show on Ocean Drive.

Pipe is excited.

Next, I was wondering what would be a great date for a particular couple that we are hoping to see reunite. . . 

In so I checked out this place called Catharsis that does Dining in the Dark eating. Yep. You can't see through the whole 6 course meal.


So. . .
I know some of you will say two things next, either:

A) When is Book 3 for Chase and Jasmine coming out?

I'm back, but I'm not a super woman. I have to focus on this Complete with You now. Make sure it is the best it can be and true to the series. 

Then, I plan to return to Book 3 for Chase and Jasmine. I will tell you when I do. . .and tease with excerpts.

B) When is Book 4 for the Santeria Habitat coming out?

Flaming Tongues is difficult book that takes time. I've actually written some of it, but I won't lie. . .it's kicking my butt with research. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, there will be some travel to the Shinto Habitat. . .so, that means I have to develop a whole new habitat with unique species.

Let's not forget about the Love Triangle. . .that must be solved this book. There will be updates on Flaming Tongues.

SO, thank you for all of the well wishes and patience that was done on here, in my inbox on various social media sites, etc. . .

It helped me get out of my foggy depression.

I'M BACK!! And I'm trying to finish out 2014 like a BOSS!


  1. About dang time! You know you don't have anybody in your corner, you got us! We love ya. Now keep on writing! Keep the dreams going!

    1. LOL!

      "It's been a long time, I shouldn't left you. . .without a dope beat step too." lol.

  2. Step to, step to, step to...wiiigggii lol what you do to get with me? What would you say to have your way? Lol

    1. YESSSS!! lmao! I almost put the video in the blog! lol!