Monday, June 2, 2014

My love of Street Art!

I'm Miami all day, baby! But when I party, it's not at South Beach. It's WYNWOOD Art District.

Sounds familiar?

The area has been discussed in my books. Some novels that come to mind are. . .The Muse (gallery opening), Sexual Deception (whole book is set there), etc

Wood Bar, one of my favorite spots

Regardless, more books will be set in Wynwood and explore the crazy scene.

Building owners don't mind the art as long as their info is on there too.

The best way to know you're in Wynwood is to see all of the amazing street art covering every damn building in that area!! 

Even the sidewalks, streets, doorways and phone poles are covered.

I love art, but Street art has a special lure for me. It entangles my senses at times. . .

The Raw and unapologetic part of this genre just grabs me!

The terms "urban art", "guerrilla art", "post-graffiti" and "neo-graffiti" are also sometimes used when referring to artwork created in these contexts.

Traditional spray-painted graffiti artwork itself is often included in this category, excluding territorial graffiti or pure vandalism.

Why am I saying all of this?

A book is coming people! It's in me to explore characters in the Street Art world!

Every time I come to the district, adrenaline fills my veins! I'm a kid in a real Alice in Wonderland!

And let me tell you. . . Wynwood never disappoints at night!! There will be more blogs on this amazing place as well as stories!!

Kenya signing out, bitches!

(sorry, I call my friends bitches.Take comfort in that.)


  1. Kenya,

    That is some awesome artwork. I'd love to see all that. Very inspiring.

    I know you're very busy. I'll talk to you soon!

    1. Thanks girl! And Tyhitia, I owe you some stuff don't I. Let's hope I get to it this weekend. I think it should happen!

  2. As a fellow Miami native, it's nice to finally see someone put our cities culture on the spot. I happen to frequent Wynwood often it's pretty awesome reading about it.

  3. Street art is amazing
    love the one where there's a little boy in between someone's boobs... well the only part I like about it is the little black skinny boy trapped and suffocating by someone who looks obese... the message I think it sends
    really all of the street art you show is fantastic... I've never seen someone do it and I have no idea how someone can be so talented

    1. I haven't seen anyone do the street art either! If I do, you better believe I'm going to be bugging the shit out of them!!! lmao! Let's hope that day comes!