Friday, February 21, 2014

Sequel to Complicated by You!

Here's the sequel to Complicated by You.

Expected Publication: March 11, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance

Committed to You is book 2 in the Coventon Campus college romance series from Amazon #1 bestselling erotica author Kenya Wright. 

Sometimes two halves still don't make you whole. And sometimes, what you see isn't the whole story.

Evie entered an unlikely threesome, without being prepared for the reality of the situation, or the feelings it would unearth. But away from prying eyes and behind closed doors, love fills the space, and Evie allows herself to feel. 

Out in the real world, eyes watch and judge. And when the media catches wind of their relationship, all Evie wants to do is run. And Jay? He's not having it. Evie's trapped, lured back by Jay's intoxicating love and her growing compassion for Cynthia, whose morbid confession of a twisted past makes it impossible for Evie to leave.

Just when it seems all anyone could talk about was their complicated relationship, a death rocks their worlds. Evie, Jay and Cynthia head to Florida, united and ready to face whatever comes their way. While there, they find Pipe, getting into a little trouble of his own, and could really use his friends. 

With chaos around them, all four find themselves in situations where they're left trying to discover their own identities and explore just how far their commitment to each other goes.

Committed to You contains explicit sex scenes and language. It is not recommended for readers under 17.


  1. Go Kenya, its your birthday, go Kenya.....Love the cover....How many days do we have before March 11....I CAN"T WAIT....

    Bluz Queen

  2. All hail Queen Kenya for getting this out sooner than we could have imagined. You are the woman! Money, money, monaaaaaayyyy! Whoop there it is! Cotton candy sweet as gold I'm gone do the tootsie roll! Lol

  3. 17 more days...dun duh (sound from law and order)

  4. will there be another book in this series? I absolutely adore your books

    1. Definetly will be a book 3 as well as Pipe has his own stand alone novel.

  5. Ohhhh Lord...Pipe with his own book....I have never read a gay or lesbian novel or book. But I definitely gonna buy and read this one.(takes a deep breath)....I guess there is a first time for everything...