• Kenya Holidays – Beyond Wildlife and Safaris!

    Kenya is more than just animals and jungle safaris. There are beaches, mountains, lakes, museums and what not! People and groups spending for air tickets and wanting a vacation with more than just game viewing are definitely well served.

    Kenya is not a bad place to be in, in case it is the uncommon that is looked for. With its nonstop parade of fantastic sightseeing and other beauties, the nation needs to be East Africa’s most popular vacation location. There is particular big area of people who think Kenya vacations are basically only about wildlife and jungle safaris. Absolutely nothing might be further from the reality.

    Nairobi National Museum

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    For some, a see to museum can be a dull affair but not if the museum in question is the Nairobi National Museum! It is the place to discover Kenya’s history and culture, a possibility that’s sure to entice even the most happy-go-lucky visitors drawing in tickets on Kenya flights.

    It is a substantial place and has different areas and departments, covering different fields like history, nature, culture and modern art. The Mahatma Gandhi Hall, the Aga Khan and the Churchill Gallery are amongst the most popular tourist attractions at the location. The building also holds an auditorium that’s used to host different occasions and functions in worry about the museum.

    Even More, Nairobi Snake Park is a popular function of the museum and is most likely to fascinate reptile enthusiasts who board flights to the nation.

    Lamu Island

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    This one is in fact best up there with wildlife safaris when it concerns appeal of Kenyan tourist attractions. A part of the nation’s Lamu Archipelago, Lamu Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has actually handled to store its centuries-old appeal and character in spite of being such a popular haunt amongst vacationer promoting tickets on flights landing in Kenya.

    The Lamu Old Town is possibly the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, something that intrigues the culture vultures who book seats on flights with a function to check out Kenyan heritage.

    Lake Nakuru

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    Travelers should not lose out on the beauty of Lake Nakuru, a shallow lake in main Kenya. For bird enthusiasts, a check out to the lake practically looks like a money piñata waiting to be walloped open! Thanks to its wealth of algae, Lake Nakuru brings in an ocean of flamingos, and deals with the travelers while doing so. It sure is a sight to see the brilliant colours and the appeal of the elegant bird that envelopes the waters of the lake.


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    Travelers boarding flights from the United States would be the ones most thinking about this one! Up until Barrack Obama ended up being the US President, Kogelo was just another basic Kenyan town, today the place has actually progressed into the stratosphere of appeal.

    Kogelo was where the President Obama’s Kenyan dad, the late Barrack Obama senior was born. Stacks of worldwide travelers are now crazy about checking out the place after stealing air tickets to Kenya.


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    Beach fans discovering themselves a seat on Kenya bound flights would definitely be indulging their choice to book air tickets once they familiarize of Malindi! Malindi might extremely well be the intro to the seaside lure of Kenya. Stunning reef and mesmeric beaches make up the grand tourist attractions of the place.

    Travelers can delight in browsing, snorkelling and other different water-based pursuits. Malindi has a domestic airport that gets flights from essential airports of the nation.

    Kenya has always been known for safaris, but if one looks deeper, there is actually a substantial number of attractions that make the country so beautiful.

  • Adventure Travel to Kenya – Discover Kenya’s Best Kept Secrets

    How would like experience travel to Kenya, to learn a few of Kenya’s best concealed? How about checking out Hemingway’s, a luxury hotel on the Indian Ocean, or investing a long time in the very same area that Elsa was launched into the wild by Joy Adamson? You can enjoy these, and more, with luxury experience travel to Kenya, land of the Luo, Kalenjin, Turkana and the popular Maasai warrior race, as the name is correctly spelled although we will use the more popular western spelling of Masai.


    The capital is Nairobi, which would be a great place to start. There are many kinds of hotel in Nairobi, but if you can, aim to book into among the couple of shop hotels that accommodate just a few visitors, twelve being a great number. For that you will need to book yourself a luxury experience holiday, with personal service offering trip preparation from just yourself and your partner.

    That is a much better way to enjoy Kenya’s tricks, instead of traveling in a big group of 40 or more as the majority of people do. If you can find a trip company that uses this level of personal service, then your holiday can be customized to match your very own schedule and needs, and not those of the bulk, or perhaps in many cases the minority!

    Nairobi has a lot deal someone looking for experience travel to Kenya, and you do not need to take a trip to unidentified locations to find a few of Kenya’s best concealed. Take Karen Blixen’s house, for instance, the author of ‘Out of Africa’, made into an Oscar winning movie, or the Carnivore dining establishment, where you can dine on some unique game.


    Nevertheless, it is the game reserves that the majority of people go to Kenya to see, which experience tourists to Kenya are especially thinking about, so take an airplane flight over the Meru National Park and land near Elsa’s Kopje – a rocky outcrop on Mughwangi Hill in the Meru Park, where Elsa was launched by Joy and George Adamson back in 1958.


    Photo from Edge Magazine

    Malinda is another part of Kenya you should not miss out on: positioned on the Indian Ocean Malinda provides Hemingway’s a luxury hotel that provides the best personal service. Use it as a base for a journey to Lamu Island, which used to be a base for the servant trade, and on which the only means of travel aside from foot is by donkey. Try a dip in the ocean or merely unwind by the pool, pondering what you have actually seen.`

    The kind of luxury you can experience on these journeys is incredibly high, and experience travel to Kenya is not all safaris and living rough. You can also do it in style, but make sure that your cost is complete since the additionals for the flights and safari journeys can be high.

    An excellent luxury holiday company will provide you all-encompassing offers that will exercise less expensive in the long run than attempting to keep your preliminary expenses low and pay your very own way. You will either wind up paying more, or losing out on a lot, which would be a pity after traveling up until now.

    Accomplish all that, and there are no reasons that your luxury experience travel to Kenya ought to not supply you with the getaway of your dreams, the memories which will last you a life time.

  • When Is the Best Season to Travel in Kenya?

    People typically ask us about the best season to come to Kenya, so we chose to assemble this overview of help you plan your very own safari. here are advantages and disadvantages for each season, so it mostly depends upon what you wish to see and how you choose to take a trip.

    The high season in Kenya is the dry season which ranges from July to September. The yards are low so you can improve animal sightings and you can access more locations when it is not drizzling.

    Great Wildebeest Migration

    The most significant event at this time of the year is the Great Wildebeest Migration when huge herds cross the river from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya around July. This is Kenya’s most popular tourist attraction and, as it easily accompanies summertime vacations in North America and Europe, it is the busiest season. This leads to greater lodging costs and obviously many more travelers.

    Low Season

    Alternatively, the low season is also the damp season, beginning in March and completing around June. The primary needs to go to at this time of year is the factors you would not wish to enter high season – lower costs and less people. Throughout this period, you may even find a lodge safari at the very same rate as a high season outdoor camping safari. Nevertheless, the rains mean the lawn grows rapidly and heavily making animals more difficult to identify.

    Shoulder Season

    That leaves the shoulder season in between October and December. This is a good period to go to as the wildebeest herds are still in the Maasai Mara, although they begin to leave in November or December. Some lodges drop their rates rather in between the high season and Christmas.

    Brief Rains

    Nevertheless, this season is also specified by the “brief rains” (it rains for a brief period of the day, rather than the long rains in March to June where it rains for an extended period of the day) and if you wind up remaining at lodging that keeps a high rate right through to Christmas then bearing with a little rain might not deserve it.

    Lastly the Christmas period from December to February is marked by hot and dry weather condition and a high concentration of wildlife in the significant parks. The best function of this season is the migratory birds getting here in Kenya in their millions. On the other hand, the mass migratory herds have actually normally returned to Tanzania by this time. Christmas and New Year supplements are typically charged on lodging.