Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Purple Love

Have you ever heard of Purple Love?

In The Muse, the heroine Elle is a professional nude model for a famous artist, her ex-boyfriend Michael. 

She's in Miami to work for a new artist, which happens to be her ex-boyfriend's arch-nemesis. All she wants to do is start over again and heal from her heartbreak.

Of course, me being me. . .I threw a dead body in the mix. . .well a few dead bodies.

Anyway, back to this concept of purple love. . .

Clearly, Elle has been through some things, but what color do you see love as being for you?

Maybe it's deeper than color. 

Is there a scent that makes you think of love or a song?

Maybe a simple moment like waves flowing over a sandy beach or a baby giggling?

What's something that reminds you of love?


Friday, August 15, 2014

Top 10 Hot Mother Romances

Now that I'm a single mother in the dating world, I'm always looking for a steamy, fun romance where the heroine is a hard-working mother.

Let's face it. Mothers are superheros regardless of any race, occupation, or  status.

So I've been just searching for a hot mom novel. Something maybe that has a whole cougar-younging situation.

Well. . .not that young of a love interest.

I also wanted the mom to be funny and cool.

So I couldn't find anything and was forced to go to my Interracial Romance Aficionado to help me out.

Marcia Walkerdine

Check out Marcia's discussion on her Top 10 Hot Mother Romances!!

Hey Guys!
I asked my friend and Author Roxy Wilson to help me put together 10 great stories about Mothers and Mothers to be.  

These are the 10 we came up with.  

Our forum home is Ancelli’s Romance Club where we love to share recommendations of good IR/MC stories.  Please join us there where you will find literally hundreds more recommendations for great Interracial /Multicultural love!

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Blurb: Aisha and Jenny are friends.  Jenny is dying and asks Aisha to take her place when she dies. To be a wife to her husband Connelly and mother to her two children, Abbey and Shawn.

“No, Aisha honey, you don’t understand.  I want you to take my place, I want you to live there on the farm, raise my children and be there for my husband”!

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Blurb: Loraine and Rene are just starting their relationship when out of the blue Reno finds out he is a father.  Reno does not respond well to this unexpected surprise.

Reno: “You loved my son when I was being an ass and I can’t thank you enough for that. He isn’t the scared little boy I first met."

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Blurb: Grace is expecting and will be raising her child alone.  Matthew wants to help Grace take care of her baby and not let her down like the baby’s father had.

Matthew: “The baby is the last connection to Lance.  I’d like to give her everything he wasn’t planning to give”!

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Blurb: Kristen and Mark Tyverson are happily married with 3 kids. Their world is turned upside down when Kristen loses 10 years worth of memories which includes the whole of her married life and having her children.

Kristen: “Why are you so hell bent on shutting me out?  He’s my son too, in case you have forgotten”......... Mark: “Oh, so now you suddenly remember? You haven’t been in the game for months and now you’re so eager to get involved?

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Blurb: Keary and Zacari’s are expecting after a one night stand in a limo! 

Keary: “You don’t have to worry about me anymore, Zacari.  I’m sick and tired of trying to get past your defences.  I will see you in court for joint custody”!

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Mikey, the hero and heroine’s son, is an adorable little boy, full of antics.  He definitely outshines his parents.  In one scene he drops a grasshopper on his mother’s lap.  

She jumps in fright, and he says, 
“Mommy, did he scare the hell outta you?” 

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Blurb: There are not many romance stories that deal with children who have special needs, and how they affect the dynamics of the relationships that exist between and among the characters.  Aaron has Asperger’s Syndrome and a touch of OCD, and he definitely has some pet peeves. 

Here’s a brief exchange he has with his mother, Sharon, the heroine:
“Hey baby…”
“Not a baby…”
I guess you can tell who says what. LOL

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Blurb: While the heroine, Courtney Lawless, is not the biological mother of the hero’s son, she’s an excellent substitute. One of my favourite quotes in the story comes from the heroine’s father, Colonel Lawless, when the hero, Staff Sergeant Brett Black, asks for his permission to marry his daughter.  

Colonel Lawless says, “You treat her right.  As a matter of fact, you treat her better than right, you treat her perfect.”

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Blurb: Dark-skin, dreadlock wearing Lacey Winters, is a single mother of a daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Even though she lives in constant fear, she puts the interest of her child first. An Alpha Asian hero, Suro Nakamura, two pre-teens who are wise beyond their years, searing chemistry between Lacey and Suro, action, drama and suspense make this story a 5-star read. 

Author Theodora Taylor had me at the first sentence:  

“If she hadn’t just gotten off a two-day trip, if she wasn’t wearing a simple V-neck t-shirt with shorts, and if she wasn’t a black woman, she’d swear the slightly scruffy but very handsome Asian guy on the other side of the U-shaped bar was checking her out.”

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Blurb: This story has a touch of everything I like: BW/WM romance, an older woman falling in love with a younger man, an extremely evil antagonist, an unexpected pregnancy, inquisitive kids, a bit of literary appreciation and so much more. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation which takes place between Dawn, one of the heroine’s daughters, and Chip, the hero: 

 “Are you coming or going?”
“I don’t follow,” Chip said.
“I’m not accustomed to seeing men in the house at this time of day,” Dawn explained.  “Are you arriving, or have you been here all night?” 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dick Pics Conspiracy?

I was married for 14 years.
Now I'm newly single, and let me tell you something. . .
things are different in the dating world.

There's these things called online dating sites, which (and don't laugh at me experienced single women) I think sites like okcupid are really a conspiracy created by a massively large group of men that gain pleasure from sending dick pics.

Anyone? Is this true? Dick Pic conspiracy? Yay or Nay.

Okay. I have a profile on Okcupid. And let me tell you, I think writing a good profile is an art. Initially, I thought I had a great self-narrative. 

My friends read and said, "Kenya, you sound like a bitch."

I checked and. . .I may have been a bit angry. . .I simply listed characteristics of Douche Bags and said if they fit those, then don't message me.

Not a good idea. I wasn't supposed to date at that point anyway. I stopped the site and returned to healing.

Now I'm back to trying this single thing again.

I changed the profile (It's less angry and I only mention slicing penises twice). 

I've met three guys so far, talked to them, and after a few weeks of email communication, and concluding that okay he may not be a douche bag. . .I give them my number.

All three immediately send dick pics within that week.

Oh the replies that I gave these poor guys. . .I wish you all were there. . .I wish I could somehow screen shot them. . .I am a tech dinosaur after all.

Anyway, these text messages. . .well. . .some of my horror scenes didn't provide as much gory details as these text messages did.

One guy even said, "Geez lady, you're a good writer. I actually felt and smelled my penis burning from the inside, just like you said it would."


After blocking their numbers, I wondered to myself, "Self, am I being uptight. Is this just the new thing? Are dick pics a process in this new dating scene."


You meet a guy.
You like him.
You give him your number.
He calls.
You both talk and then boom . . .

He's thinking to himself, "This is a proper time to show her what I'm working with. I bet she's just going to go all crazy with lust when she sees this."


My friend and dating partner-in-crime gave me some great advice that I am going to try if this happens again. I won't say her name yet cause she'll be all like, "OMG!"

When a guy sends her a dick pic, she sends them a text message right back that says, 

"Oh good, I'm glad we're showing each other our dicks. Here's what mine looks like."

and she sends them a picture of the biggest dick she can find.

So far, no one replies back to her.

But who knows what will happen in the future! lol!

That's all this week. I hope to bring more ignorant Dating Rants to the blog.

Tell you the truth. . .this dating thing is kind of fun!

I'll prob write a book about it! We need a 2014 Waiting to Exhale novel. . . 

One with loads of DICK PICS!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Teaser: Complete with You. Pipe P.O.V. (Swoon Romance)

I'm enjoying the writing for Complete with You (Book 3 of Coventon Campus) (New Adult Interracial Romance).

Book 1
Book 2

Here's a teaser from Pipe's P.O.V in Book 3. 

Tell me what you think in the comments. I'm planning on doing only two P.O.Vs this time: Evie and Pipe. They both have different stories that I want to explore.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm Back! Book Updates

For those that follow me on my Instagram or Facebook

you already know that I conquered my Writer's Block and am handling this divorce very well. . . 

I've also finished a novel. . . .


Here's my initial cast for the complete, stand alone, interracial contemporary romance set in Tokyo (80k words).

When will Love in Haiku come out?

It's up to the publisher now. I will let you know the release date as soon as I know. 

What will I write next now that I'm back in my frenzy?

Book 3 of Coventon Campus!

Complete with You.

Yes, I've already started writing it!

And. . .

I did some fun book research for Complete with You (Swoon Romance publishing). That's right. I went to South Beach and partied at a Drag Queen Show on Ocean Drive.

Pipe is excited.

Next, I was wondering what would be a great date for a particular couple that we are hoping to see reunite. . . 

In so I checked out this place called Catharsis that does Dining in the Dark eating. Yep. You can't see through the whole 6 course meal.


So. . .
I know some of you will say two things next, either:

A) When is Book 3 for Chase and Jasmine coming out?

I'm back, but I'm not a super woman. I have to focus on this Complete with You now. Make sure it is the best it can be and true to the series. 

Then, I plan to return to Book 3 for Chase and Jasmine. I will tell you when I do. . .and tease with excerpts.

B) When is Book 4 for the Santeria Habitat coming out?

Flaming Tongues is difficult book that takes time. I've actually written some of it, but I won't lie. . .it's kicking my butt with research. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, there will be some travel to the Shinto Habitat. . .so, that means I have to develop a whole new habitat with unique species.

Let's not forget about the Love Triangle. . .that must be solved this book. There will be updates on Flaming Tongues.

SO, thank you for all of the well wishes and patience that was done on here, in my inbox on various social media sites, etc. . .

It helped me get out of my foggy depression.

I'M BACK!! And I'm trying to finish out 2014 like a BOSS!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dope Dealer

Just wanted to say thanks to all of my readers for being patient for me as I slowly day by day get out of my writing slump and now begin my divorce. I haven't had the motivation to finish or revise the pending novels on my desk. 

My friend told me to write poetry to get my creative juices flowing. It's been helping greatly. I've been working hard to get it together and am hoping to begin novel writing again in the weeks to come. Meanwhile check out one of my favorite poems that I've recently wrote. 

Dope Dealer
(To All Art Hustlers and Feens)

I've always wanted to be a dope dealer!

jeans sagged to my hips
slinging words in the park
People smoking my books
with grabba leaf and then spark

Dope dealer.
taking brains from hood to odd
stealing away letters
making them good to God.

Reading my words
should equate to
holding a cocaine-filled spoon to a flame
smoking rock
sniffing glue
injecting the bloodstream
with my name

and if it's you
the unlucky one
to get hooked on me,
then call your doctors.
They'll recognize the symptoms easily
sore throat, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and skull fractures
Let's get into the fact of
sisters putting heating pads to relieve chest pains
cause they feel my words deep within their sternums
causing blood to stain
At night, 
they sneak out to burn them.

I want my verb choices
to incite
bad decision-making in life
to yank heads out of the box
to bring more pleasure than cock
to inspire murals on ghetto blocks
to birth a new Tupac

to force families to hold interventions
tears spilling from eyes
with good intentions
they don't get why their son is now rocking dreadlocks
and saying that the government lies
how he's traveling in my drug-induced reality
with shook fists,
numb skin,
but open eyes.

I want to be a Boss!

poetic gangster
killing them
from Black to Hindu.
I'm about to start literary beefs
like bloods and crips do,
splicing commas
and then
to brainstorm
rape the norm.

and when it's all done. . .

I want my words to be sentenced
to 25 years to life
so that after my death
my rhymes are flashlights through others' strife.

I want my words to be a person's 
first drug,
first orgasm
first love
I want my name
in a book labeled presenting the Best of. . .

Monday, June 2, 2014

My love of Street Art!

I'm Miami all day, baby! But when I party, it's not at South Beach. It's WYNWOOD Art District.

Sounds familiar?

The area has been discussed in my books. Some novels that come to mind are. . .The Muse (gallery opening), Sexual Deception (whole book is set there), etc

Wood Bar, one of my favorite spots

Regardless, more books will be set in Wynwood and explore the crazy scene.

Building owners don't mind the art as long as their info is on there too.

The best way to know you're in Wynwood is to see all of the amazing street art covering every damn building in that area!! 

Even the sidewalks, streets, doorways and phone poles are covered.

I love art, but Street art has a special lure for me. It entangles my senses at times. . .

The Raw and unapologetic part of this genre just grabs me!

The terms "urban art", "guerrilla art", "post-graffiti" and "neo-graffiti" are also sometimes used when referring to artwork created in these contexts.

Traditional spray-painted graffiti artwork itself is often included in this category, excluding territorial graffiti or pure vandalism.

Why am I saying all of this?

A book is coming people! It's in me to explore characters in the Street Art world!

Every time I come to the district, adrenaline fills my veins! I'm a kid in a real Alice in Wonderland!

And let me tell you. . . Wynwood never disappoints at night!! There will be more blogs on this amazing place as well as stories!!

Kenya signing out, bitches!

(sorry, I call my friends bitches.Take comfort in that.)