Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad for You Trilogy: My November Release

"Quentin Tarantino meets Love Jones."

Melody bases her kills 
off of the chess moves in her head. 
The game is set. 
Who will win or die?  

The whole trilogy drops on the same day this November.
The official release date 
will be announced 
next week.

Meet Miguel, Kane, and Melody.

(Shout out to my Cover Artist Jackie Sheats)

Friday, October 10, 2014

My NEW Novel: No Ordinary Love

Pre-order HERE

No Ordinary Love was originally named 
Love in HaikuBut then Georgia McBride 
the founder of Swoon Romance read the manuscript and said that she could hear Sade's No Ordinary Love playing in her ears. (Note: I put the video for this song at the bottom of this post.)

We took that as a good sign and went with it!

The setting

The story begins in Japan's sexual underground
which is mainly controlled by the Yakuza.

For those who've never heard of
the Yakuza

They're the Japanese Mafia.

Some say Thugs in Suits.

They have interesting ways of discipline their own--a slice to a finger tends to get the person motivated to do a better job.

Another cool fact about many Yakuza members
are their intricate Tattoos
Some wear full body tattoos.

Clearly I have a serious fascination with this group, but back to No Ordinary Love.

Kenji is the young son of one of the most dangerous and top gang leaders in Japan.

People nicknamed him The Dragon

and he's my hottest, yet darkest Hero yet. . .

He meets the heroine, a Brooklyn-Bred sister with no problem at setting a person straight. . .

It's a dangerous situation. . .
this guy
isn't necessarily. . . . calm and collect.

To be real. . .
they both have issues. . .

And I hope 
I don't have to tell you 
that this book
isn't just a sexual voyage in the depraved.

This book is a Dark Journey 
where two black souls
unite their hands together 
in this cold tunnel full of personal demons and hate
and some how
see the light far ahead

This book is for YOU
the reader
that sees 
the beauty in the breakdown
that relishes 
in the wicked pleasures of my twisted imagination
that doesn't hope 
to just read a story.
This reader 
to be 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Review of FILTHY

"Men were a slave to that erotic feeling that made the world disappear."

 photo gifseductionZer0.gif 

 "When they first saw me they were ravenous. Ready. Their d**ks hard and pulsing in their dirty pants."

 photo tumblr_lsiyucshUW1qmt0r4o1_5001_zps8d992f66.gif

"There's no such thing as love." 

Wow. I loved the heroine, talk about anti-hero! But as the chapters go along. . .you know the whole time that something hurt her pretty bad, made her raw inside.

 photo tumblr_ms1gdgVQi41sy3b1jo1_500_zpsa05c934e.gif 

 And that sort of turns into the mystery, in the backdrop of the making of a pretty wicked romance. 
I'm going to start #2 this week. 
 Megan Martin is a sick individual.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Creepy romance?? I think not. . .Maybe. . .

Poor Chameleon.

Several reviews have called this a creepy romance set in my Santeria Habitat world.

I would like to defend my book and say. . .

well, it's not creepy. . .

it's. . .

fine a bit creepy!

But don't we all need a little creepy in our reading?

Yay? Nay?

Oh well, for all of those who have not read Chameleon (New Adult Urban Fantasy) it's about a girl who can shift into many different forms--black girl to asian man, tall dreadlock hippy to short blonde bombshell.

And Wiz is her friend who holds some major secrets that she can't help but to figure out.

If you have read this, please comment and let me know if you thought this was creepy or not.

Here's an excerpt from the novel.

Okay, fine. That does sound a bit creepy

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hot Men Reading #hereads

On my facebook page, I've posted several hot pics of gorgeous men reading. I hashtaged it #HeReads

Enjoy my Top Pics

Which one was your favorite???

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sneak Peek: A Commitment to Love

Warning: XXX GIF FURTHER DOWN in the post (just in case you're at work or around kids)!

Jasmine and Chase are back, 
and that upper image was from today's
writing. Yes, Benny's POV in a prologue
set in the 80s.


God, I missed CHASE!!


Okay. I started writing the novel A Commitment to Love, today.

That means I'm going to do something outrageous, write two books together. 


I've done this before with books Complicated by You and An Arrangement of Love, which are both fan favorites.

So now, I write the last three in both series together

5,000 words total each day (2,500 words for each novel)

Today, both books grabbed me so hard and drew me in. . .I wrote 10,000 words.

That addiction's back and I must say (with pride) TODAY. . .I wrote two of the pretty nastiest sex scenes of my career. 

I'm so proud of myself!


Genre Snobs & Absurd Literary Discrimination

Not liking a book after reading and hating it is fine.

If a book sucks to you, it just sucks. One can not make another love a story.

The thing that triggers my stomach to twist into itself is when people Crap on an ENTIRE GENRE, after reading a few books in that genre.


That's sort of taking Book Snobbery to the next level. In my eyes, you end up being the girl that cleans this guy's balls.

And all hate on various genres. . .It's not just the romance people that deal with the craziness!

Tom Gauld

I hate when people say things like:

"That's why I hate romance!"

"Uh! I just don't get Interracial Romance! So ghetto."

"I like to read about love that's why I don't read Erotic Romance. It's all sex!"

"Erotica is just BDSM trash and Sex with lots of men!"

"New Adult is just YA with Blow Jobs and Crying!"

Look. We all have a right to our opinions. It's just that being a Genre Snob is just like being a racist.
(fine, that might be a bit extreme.)

However, no one book is the all-encompassing representative of that genre. Sure, there are some arguments that certain books can define the genre, but that's another topic. 

What I'm saying is that. . .so you read 2 or 3 bad books in _________ (put any genre there).

This actually means two very serious things:

1) Who ever recommended all those bad books to you should be kicked in their vagina. 

I'm joking. Vagina Kicking is wrong.

(READERS: Kenya Wright doesn't support vagina kicking!)

2) You may still like the genre, but these particular books with those specific characters, plotlines, scenes, settings, etc. . .just don't do it for you. If you still want to give it a try, go for the most celebrated and award winning books of that genre or pick up a specific story that appeals to your interest. . . (foodie, fashion, etc)

One doesn't read ONE Romance and say. . .Yep. . .they all SUCK!

Oh Well. . .

I give up.

Go ahead, Genre Snob. Look at the book covers I read and ridicule the hot semi-nude muscular guy with the sweaty nipples and long hair! 


(Yes, it's embembarrassing .but I like sweat so shut up!)

I like all books and read everything, but then you have to be that way when writing. If I only read romance and fantasy then I would be a horrifying storyteller. 
I devour it all.

That being said. . .

GENRE RULES!! Especially Romance, Erotic Romance, and Interracial Fiction (the poor step child of everyone)!