Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm on video discussing No Ordinary Love!

Only 19 days left before No Ordinary Love is released.

Swoon Romance asked me to do a video discussion on the novel, so here we go. . .

(check out how my cat Rum Rum lazy video bombed me.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hot Japanese Man my hero in No Ordinary Love is based on. . .

I love men, especially unique and exotic ones, that just trigger a wild call in my core!

He's a retired Japanese football player and a big fashion enthusiast.

I based KENJI from No Ordinary Love on him.

Damn he's fine. The whole video of the photo shoot is below.  :-)

This brother is so fine, I saw this photo shoot and wrote a book on him!

That's how fine he is!


What an inspiration! lol!

Let's hope I do this brother justice in the novel.

Here's more of the Photo Shoot

Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Gif Making Crazy! Bad for You Review Gifs

Apparently, besides writing. . .I love to make GIFS!!

For all of you sick people who will be reviewing the Bad for You Trilogy on your blogs, goodreads, etc. . . I've made some gifs to go with the series

So feel free to grab, steal, click on & save, stare at them for long amounts of time while sipping wine, or. . .hey, do what you want with them! 

You also have my permission to use them for reviews of other books. In the end, it's about the ability to use gifs to heighten a review!

(Just let me know when you use a gif so I can feel special on the inside.)

Friday, December 5, 2014

BAD for You 3 Giveaway, Release info, & Music Video Playlist

I'm currently waiting for Bad for You 3's buy link.

It should be up soon!!

Every few minutes, I check KDP, reload the page, and wait. . .I'm biting my nails over here, wondering what you all will think of the final book in the Bad for You trilogy.

So. . .I figure. 
Maybe, I should give five Bad for You 3 ebooks away while I wait.

What do you think? Let's just hold a giveaway until 10p.m. tonight, where I hope to also have the buy link too!

The Giveaway Rafflecopter is below!!

Now for those, who've entered the crazy, crime underworld of Melody, Kane, and Miguel.
Here's the music that inspired the madness!

During my writing of the Bad for You Trilogy, five songs stayed on constant repeat the whole time.

The first one was Bad by Wale.
This song triggered the entire plot-line.

Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to fuck
I'll be your bad girl, I'll prove it to you
I can't promise that I'll be good to you
Cause I have some issues, I won't commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I'll be bad no to you (to you)
Yeah, I'll be good in bed but I'll be bad to you
Bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to fuck

Papi Pacify by FKA twigs
From the video to the darkness of the groove, I played this song a lot when I wrote Melody's scenes.

Tell me I’m the only one
Like I didn't know

Tell me you’re the one that I can call
Even if you choke

Without You by Lapalux
This song and video is why the trilogy is so freaking weird! I wrote sixty percent of the series, playing this one in the background.

Haunted by the forces that suck you in
That pull you under. . .tight
And your words are engraved in me
So long as guilt resides here

carved into walls in writing
with out broken hearts 
beside it

Deptford Goth by Feel Real
This stayed in the background as I outlined the whole series from the first chapter of book one to the last chapter of book three.

Now you've got to breathe 
It's only where your feet fell
People so cool 
Somebody wants you
A lover come back,
I want to dance like her, 
Like nobody's watching 
But nobody's watching 

Blue Lullaby by Szjerdene 
I designed the character of Melody from listening to this song. I also played this during a lot of the flashback sex scenes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 17, 2014

Surprise Release Day

Another Twisted Triangle from Kenya Wright.
The Bad for You Trilogy. 
Book 1 (Free) (THE BOOK IS NO LONGER FREE for some reason blogger won't let me edit that word) 
Book Two (Available Now).


Three hearts.
One BAD chick that kills with ease.

Two men that murder
have no way of controlling her.

One love rose from death.

The other love started with a game.

A game of Chess.

this chess board is different from a normal one. 

Instead of a king and queen, 
we have a Killer and Survivor. 

Where knights and bishops should be, 
there are Strippers and Gangsters. 

Yet, in this game of SEX and DECEPTION, 

blood stains and life, 

an intense love grows in the most unusual places, 

 photo tumblr_ml57u5yAEr1qc9ap6o1_500_zps3c8ee8a3.gif

leaving all of the players to consider 
dropping their guns 
and rethink why they started the battle in the first place. 



Pre-order Available Now

Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Release Updates!

I'll be a full-time writer in exactly two weeks!

What does that mean for you?

EVERYTHING will be released faster and on time!

What does that mean for me?
I get to do what I love all damn day!!!

Each month will be a new release, whether an entirely new series or a completion to a most anticipated series!

It all begins in November with the Bad for You Trilogy.

Available Now on Amazon

Pre-order Available Now on Amazon

Pre-order Available Now on Amazon

December is of course 

Pre-order Available Now on Amazon

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole of Kenya Wright. . .when she's raunchy. . .
then there's always the CAPTAIN COCK comedy erotica series that's out now!

Available Now

Available Now

So I can already hear what some fans are saying. . .
"I don't give a flying $%&*% about Captain whatever, where the hell is ............. 
(Commitment to Love, Theirs to Crave, Complete with You, or. . .the Habitat).

Besides the release schedule, here's your update.

Complete with You, Theirs to Crave, and Commitment to Love ALL have finished first drafts!
Why is this good?

The hardest part is over.

Let's discuss my writing process, just in case you have nothing but time today and don't feel like doing your job.

First I come up with an idea.
Then I write it.
I call that The BONES.
Then I go back through the entire draft and put on all the Muscle and Flesh.
Now we have a BODY.
Then I send it off to my first editor who slashes away all of the meat and rips at the skin because editors are assholes!

Then I go back and repair the body. . .as I drink a glass of wine and wonder, "No one gets me!!"

Then. . .
another editor
beta readers
and BOOM!
It's off to the readers who will also. . .rip it to shreds or
(and this is a hopeful OR)
they make love to the body and send me fan emails on their new addiction!

So, I hope I answered some questions today.

I haven't been blogging much due to writing THREE novel drafts like a Mad Woman!